Hello, my name is Trea!

I'm an experienced Full-Stack Web Developer based in Utah.

I want to build something awesome with you!

About Me

I live and work in beautiful place in Northern Utah called Cache Valley. I have a cute little dog named Bella. I love comedy and crime drama shows and cheering on the Utah Jazz. I’m fascinated by aviation and severe weather.

I also write a lot of code. I got my start with PHP and JavaScript, but I’ve also added Go to the mix. I’m seeking a new full-time, remote position working with an awesome team.

How I work


Security is at the forefront of my mind. I strive to implement systems that are secure by default, and avoid common security holes like cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injections.


I pride myself on being able to work well with others. I enjoy reviewing PRs from teammates and providing constructive feedback, as well as implementing feedback I'm given to make improvements.


When it all hits the fan, you can count on me to leap into action to change course!

I have experience responding to issues and working with others when needed to triage them.


I am able to write about technical topics in ways that appeal to project stakeholders, colleagues, and users.

Documentation — especially in complex areas of a system is important.

Looking for My Next Challenge

I've had the privilege of working with some fantastic people over the course of my career, but I'm now looking for my next big challenge!

If I sound like the right fit for your team, I want to hear about it!

Contact Me


  • Zippopotam.us


    Zippopotam.us is a free postal code API used by organizations all over the globe to help improve user experience by reducing the amount of time their users spend filling out forms.

    I'm currently working on the next version in Go querying Redis to compose responses.